Yoga & Meditation

* Full attention to yourself   

* A more flexible body 

* Improved circulation                                *More energy, through full  breathing
* More clarity and peace of mind
* Relax & be peaceful....

All answers to All your Questions lie within You.

Inspiring Yoga movie

Believe nothing because someone else believes it.


But believe only what you yourself judge to be true.

the Buddha...


Clases:Every Monday,Thursday & Friday morning with good weather outside near the lake, 0700-0800 am more info on clases please call :06-22050207

Yoga is a sanskrit word meaning "union." Yoga combines physical exercises, mental

meditation, and breathing techniques, so that we can achieve a feeling of

happiness and bliss.

In addition, it supports the proper functioning of our glands, strengthens our muscles

and we get a better posture and blood circulation, you will also experience an

improved general condition.

Classes are usually every morning from 08:00-09:00, or  at Sportschool Henny Pleizier in Gein, ore

another time private on request, if you want to join a class please mail ore call first.

Acro Yoga is a form of acrobatics mixed with yoga.
Working together, that is what acro yoga is all about, the synergy with each other creates a fantastic dynamic atmoshere, learn to trust each other, giving, receiving, be carried, receive and give support. All these elements can be felt during acro yoga

Among the participants this creates a strong sense of belonging, and pure fun to "play along" performance is secondary and mistakes can be made??.
Watch the following video, then my words are not necessary.


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